Tim Tam Shake


18 Jan – 7 Feb 2022

How we created The Tim Tam Loaded Shake


We have brought back the Australia Day Tim Tam Shake but made it better this year with extra Tim Tams, extra chocolate and extra thick – with 2’cs. 


Creating this shake, we needed to decide which iconic Australian treat was the one to choose, there are so many to pick from but which is the best? We had to go with Tim Tams, it’s the most loved biscuit because it’s chocolatey, crunchy and finger-licking good. 


The Tim Tam Shake is blended smoothly with ice cream, Tim Tams and milk, then topped with a big swirl of whipped cream, crushed and wedges of Tim Tam. It is simply DELICIOUS for milkshake, thickshake and sweet tooth lovers.