Eating Up With The Hannashians
Piccolo Me is changing the dessert game, big time! Run by brothers Roy and Charlie, Piccolo Me have 7 locations around Sydney, and have probably opened around three more while we write this post. They are spreading fast! ANYWAY their piccolo (they use their own coffee beans) was spot on! Our friend said it was… Read More
QSR Media
Piccolo Me: A young innovative café brand Not your ordinary coffee shop.
Founded by brothers Charlie and Roy Hachem just over two years ago, Charlie told QSR Media that the success of the brand and the following it has gained can be attributed to him and his brother’s entrepreneurial… Read More
2 Hungry Guys
Piccolo! Is it me you’re looking for?
Its always great to eat at a place where the food is as fun as it is delicious. That is Piccolo Me. Started in 2012 by brothers Charlie & Roy Hachem this cafe is a fun filled hotspot full of the most ingenious and tantalising treats to… Read More
“Nutella and Maltesers had a baby: The world’s largest nutella fried ice cream ball”
If you’re not quite sure what you’re witnessing, it’s THE WORLD’S LARGEST NUTELLA FRIED ICE CREAM BALL. That needed capitals, don’t judge us.
So basically this heavenly creation is Piccolo Me’s special Nutella ice cream recipe, dropped in hot oil until it’s fried to… Read More
The Cheeseburger croissant, the new Australian madness On the other side of the planet, in fact, the coffee chain Australian Piccolo Me offers a recipe on his card called the ” Cheezy Frenchy “. A growing … Filled with steaks , the dripping cheese, onions… Read More
“Piccolo Me creates epic Nutella and Malteser fried ice-cream dessert”
Ever wonder what would happen if Nutella fell in love with a Malteser? Well, the guys at Piccolo Me just found out. And it’s beautiful. In a hot and cold fusion, this delicious beast is made with Piccolo Me’s secret Nutella icecream recipe, fried, dipped in salted caramel sauce and topped with crushed… Read More
“Is This Peak Nutella?”
Piccolo Me have made the world’s largest fried Nutella ice cream. If you’re game to… Read More
Weekend Notes
“Have you been Piccolo’d yet?”
Watch out Sydney you are about to be piccolo’d! See, there are these two brothers (Charlie & Roy) who have a serious love of coffee and a serious love of fun. Together they have started up a string of… Read More
“Australians have dared invent a growing cheeseburger (war is declared)”
Stop everything you’re doing and join our protest against this diabolical culinary creation. What is it about? Croissant cheeseburger. Is repeated for those who have not yet understood the seriousness of the thing: A CHEESEBURGER CROISSANT. Is a growing, our favorite little… Read More
The Daily Telegraph
“Behold the Fried Maltella! Piccolo Me set to dish up Sydney’s most over the top dessert”
FORGET Tella Ball shakes, this monster is about to take Sydney’s dessert wars up a notch. Claiming to be the world’s largest Nutella fried ice cream, the Fried Maltella will be unleashed on Sydney on… Read More
Daily Mail Australia
“Latest food trend sees a cheeseburger crossed with a croissant”
Sydney’s Piccolo Me is the mastermind behind the Cheeseburger Croissant, or The Cheesy Frenchy, which is a combination of a traditional American burger and French pastry. The croissant is stuffed with beef, cheddar, onion, pickles, bacon, tomato and… Read More
Concrete Playground
Piccolo Me is pulling out some pretty quirky stops to help attract a crowd.
When it comes to our long-lasting love affair with coffee, we all know this city prefers boutique fabulous over, say, evil green and white corporate giants intent on, if nothing else, killing tastebuds. Piccolo Me, however, a 100 percent Australian venture launched by brothers Roy and Charlie Hachem that aims to bring back some… Read More
Tiny packs a large, hazelnut punch
After first visit to Piccolo Me, it’s difficult to determine whether they take their name from a translation of the Italian word for small – their adorable hole-in-the-wall setup and a pint-sized coffee hit both coming to mind – or that of the… Read More
The Huffington Post
Born out of a Sydney coffee shop with an obvious sugar addiction, we present you “The Nerdtella bomb.”
Coffee purists will be scandalized, probably, as culinary adventurists rejoice in another iteration of lowbrow food mingling with the highbrow. It’s also worth noting that Piccolo Me has been bottling plain ol’ Nutella iced coffee for a while — which, to be fair, doesn’t sound so different from an iced mocha… Read More