Have you been on the hunt for the right business opportunity? Are you unhappy at your current company? Does your job not offer the flexibility to have a happy work life balance? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, look no further, Piccolo Me is the brand you have been looking for.

Piccolo Me is seeking franchisees that genuinely enjoy human relations and are passionate about the coffee and food business. It is our goal to provide professional support with the highest level of integrity and honesty.

We have flexible entry costs, proven operating systems and tailor made training programs to guide you through every phase of the business. We want you to succeed as much as you do!

Who is
Piccolo Me?

Piccolo Me is an Australian owned and family operated business. Established in 2012, Piccolo Me has built a reputation for providing consistency in high quality coffee, superior creative menus and on-trend advertising and marketing that appeals to all ages. 

The culture of Piccolo Me is that we are trend-setters, market leaders and visionaries. Our teams are young, fun and take a fresh approach to life and business. We share the values of honesty, integrity, respect, courage, open-mindedness, diversity and balance. The Piccolo Me family culture seeks to develop long and prosperous partnerships with franchisees. 


We thrive to push for a fun, family vibe at Piccolo Me. We want you to feel supported at every step of the way in becoming a franchisee. You don’t need to come from a hospitality background or have franchisee experience to own a Piccolo Me store. Our franchisees are the representatives of our brand, and we personally select people from all walks of life. 

We simply look for individuals with the passion to work hard and love Piccolo Me as much as we do!

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Piccolo Me through its agents have developed a strong relationship with its landlords and property developers over the years. Our aim is to develop a rental structure that will allow our business partners to maintain profitability.

We believe in keeping our designs clean and simple. Our designs keep primary factors consistent including the use of timber and the colours of black, white and our Piccolo Me yellow!

Our head office team oversees the construction and supervises the fit out to ensure quality, and ensures stores are equipped and ready to go as soon as possible.

Piccolo Me offers a range of store models to suit your wants. Our team will help you select the best store model to match what you’re looking for.


We’re always on the lookout for new locations! If there’s somewhere you have in mind to open a new Piccolo Me franchise. Let us know via this mini form (or fill in our detailed Franchise Enquiry Form if you’re ready).

    Customers are served at the counter in espresso bars, which are often located in high foot-traffic areas such as shopping centres, universities and office buildings. Espresso bars will serve barista made coffee, beverages, light meals, desserts and snacks.

    These stores are very high in demand as they are located in areas that attract large crowds, particularly before work and during lunch breaks. 

    These stores usually operate 5 days per week. Cost is starting from $250,000. 

    Customers are served at the counter in cafes with cooking, which are often located in high traffic areas and attract crowds during breakfast and lunch. Cafes with cooking are smaller outlets than a restaurant but still provide a range of breakfast and lunch meals and beverages. 

    These are by far the most popular stores on the market. These stores include a good catering customer base, full kitchen and access to a large number of people. Also, a cafe with cooking will allow you to opt-in as a fulfilment partner over a number of our virtual brands. The benefits of running multiple businesses from one kitchen is highly profitable due to no additional overheads and the changing hospitality landscape where delivery service is dominating.

    These stores usually operate 5-7 days per week. Cost is starting from $300,000.

    Customers come to restaurants with cooking and liquor to enjoy a complete dining experience. For Piccolo Me guests this includes full table service, a fully developed menu with breakfast, lunch, dessert, snacks and beverages. These inclusions make Piccolo Me a good choice for customers who want to dine out with their friends or family. 

    If you want a restaurant style shop and are willing to commit to longer operating hours and managing a complete kitchen, then a Piccolo Me store is the best fit for you! These stores include a full kitchen, liquor license (optional), large space for functions and events and high catering demands. Also, a restaurant with cooking will allow you to opt-in as a fulfilment partner over a number of our virtual brands. The benefits of running multiple businesses from one kitchen is highly profitable due to no additional overheads and the changing hospitality landscape where delivery service is dominating.

    These stores usually operate 5-7 days per week. Cost is starting from $500,000.

    10 Steps to Become a Piccolo Me Franchisee

    Expression of Interest

    Complete the online expression of interest form below. Provide us with some contact details and tell us why you want to be part of the Piccolo Me family.

    Confirmation call/email

    A friendly team member will contact you with more information regarding franchising a Piccolo Me store.

    online application form

    If you proceed after the initial consultation with a member from the Piccolo Me team, you’ll complete a more detailed application form. This form must also include Proof of Funds and Proof of Identification.

    Refundable Deposit

    At this stage we require a deposit that is refundable in full if you decide not to proceed.

    Face-to-face meeting

    Meet face-to-face with our Business Development Manager to have an interview to discuss the process and your expectations.

    Franchise Kit

    Receive a kit to help you understand the training and process for you to complete in due diligence.

    FInal Interview

    Have a final interview with us to make sure you’re ready.


    If you are successful, you will receive a welcome pack to help you with your set up.


    Our team will assist you in fitting out the store, preparing menus and completing your training. 

    Store Opening

    The team will ensure you are prepared to confidently open your store and operate it to your fullest potential. 


    Or click here to download our franchising booklet.




    Complete the expression of interest form here. A member of our team will then be in contact with you. 

    Having hospitality experience is not essential. Having a drive to work hard and to succeed is! We have developed a training system that will allow you to learn the basics and we then build your skills. We do not let you take over one of our stores until we feel you are capable of succeeding. 

    Piccolo Me has established relationships with key suppliers and vendors who will deliver to your store products that meet our strict standards. Using our supply chain means that you are taking advantage of pricing that has been negotiated as part of a group. Head Office is open to discussions about other products, however, they must meet our criteria to be used.

    Yes. We have spent years developing and refining policies and procedures so you can benefit from a simple and profitable system. We continually revise our systems so that we ensure the essential functions contribute to the efficient operation of your Piccolo Me store. 

    Yes. Before entering our system we require that you seek advice from competent professionals, such as legal and accounting services. We advise that you retain the service of an accountant. You need to be confident in the system and your financial situation before it is recommended that you proceed.

    Ideally, yes. We’ve found that businesses run by owners that are actively invested in the operations of the business perform best. The store’s potential is greatly enhanced by the enthusiasm and contributions of the owner in a variety of areas. However, working in the restaurant is not a requirement. For example, it is the case that some of our franchisees own and operate numerous Piccolo Me stores, so they depend on their amazing managers to run their stores.

    A franchise agreement for a new Piccolo Me store is determined on a store-by-store basis, however, it is usually the length of the lease.

    Yes, of course! However, you must be an existing franchise partner and approved by our team to become a multi-site operator. Growth for multiple stores is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

    During the recruitment process we will encourage you to talk to other franchise partners to discuss their experience with the Piccolo Me family and owning a Piccolo Me store.

    The application process typically takes 4-6 weeks, however, this will vary based on your potential as a franchise partner. We will work with you at a pace that is comfortable to ensure you feel prepared for the future. 

    We have a standard 8-12 week training program that you must undertake before the opening of your store. This training will cover operations and the culture at Piccolo Me. The team will work closely with you to ensure you are ready to confidently open your store. 

    Please contact our Director of Sales and Leasing, Charlie El Hachem at charlie@piccolome.com


    The cost of a Piccolo Me store will vary depending on location and store format. Typically a Piccolo Me store start up cost is between $250,000 – $750,000.  Upon request, a full breakdown of costs can be provided.

    It is the responsibility of the franchisee to cover the day to day running of the business, including all store related expenses such as legal fees, council fees and accounting fees. 

    The franchise fee is $40,000 + GST.

    Yes, if at any stage throughout your recruitment process you wish to withdraw, the deposit is fully refundable.

    • Franchise fee: 7% of gross sales + GST.
    • Marketing fee: 2% of gross sales + GST.
    • POS system.
    location and start up

    Yes, of course! We already have locations available which you can find listed here. We can review the different locations once you get in touch to see which works best for you.

    We are open to suggestions for new sites to place a Piccolo Me store. Contact our team and we are happy to discuss potential locations. 

    After choosing the site, signing the lease and taking possession of the store, it will take approximately 2 to 3 months for the cafe to be fully equipped and operational. 


    Before the opening, Piccolo Me will assist with:

    • Search and site study.
    • Layouts: suggestion and description.
    • Staff recruiting.
    • Training for the management of the store.
    • Marketing assistance with the publicity and launch promotion.

    Ongoing support after the opening, Piccolo Me will assist with:

    • National campaigns to promote the brand name.
    • Continuous support in the branch.
    • Branch development support.
    • New products training.

    Yes, of course! You can contact us directly to discuss any concerts you may have or any further opportunities to improve your business.

    Yes, the franchised business is yours to sell. The franchise agreement outlines the prerequisites for a sale, and any interested parties must go through our usual recruitment process. We will assist and guide you through this process. We aim to have a smooth entry and exit from our system.