Why Choose Piccolo Me?

At Piccolo Me we believe we are trendsetters, market leaders and visionaries. We have a diverse product range that would appeal to any age group and adapts to seasonal changes. 

The Co-founding brothers Roy & Charlie are the driving force behind the brand’s success and innovation. Piccolo Me is proud to say that it is family owned, operated and orientated.


What makes Piccolo Me a hit!

– Young, fresh & innovative menu

– A cafe concept that breaks the traditional cafe mould

– Up to date marketing and active social media platform

– Over 25 years of experience

– Consistency through procedures and policies

– 100% Arabic, Fair trade organic roasted coffee

– Family Owned & Managed

– Provides extensive staff training

– Strong focus on customer service

At Piccolo Me we pride ourselves on providing a high quality seasonal menu to take advantage of market fresh products.

Piccolo Me is a haven for coffee lovers, whether it is in between your meeting or to catch up with friends over one of our specialities.

Piccolo Me does not shy away from the media, breaking the internet on more then one of our speciality treats. Some of Piccolo Me’s hits include the Nutella deep fried ice cream, the Cheeseburger Croissant & The Nerdtella Bomb.

Still not convinced? Come in and get Piccolo’d for yourself!