The Brand

Our Mission (Don’t worry this wont self-destruct after you read it)

To establish Piccolo Me as a premium and ‘cheeky’ global coffee house, determined to break and set new market trends whilst staying true to our identity & vision.

Our Fundamentals

Creating an environment where our team mates can flourish

Sourcing quality ingredients

Ensuring all our customers walk out satisfied with quality service and product

Contribute positively to our communities and environment


What does it mean to be Piccolo’d?

Piccolo’d is a term used to express one’s joy from visiting a Piccolo Me Outlet.

E.g. “I went to Piccolo Me today and enjoyed a Piccolo Me Bomb. I definitely got Piccolo’d”

The Piccolo Me Story

Piccolo Me was founded in October 2012 by brothers Roy & Charlie El Hachem. The brothers set out to develop a brand that was different and did not look like a traditional chain. A brand that was young at heart but strong on traditions. The brand plays on the strength of emotional connections, childhood favourites and mixing traditional flavours with a modern twist.

The name Piccolo Me originated from the boy’s love of their coffee of choice (Piccolo Latte) and play on the size of the first Piccolo Me store being small.

For the full experience, head over to one of our stores and get yourself Piccolo’d!